If you need a windshield replaced on your Motorhome/RV, Nomad Glass can assist you with filing an insurance claim.  We will bill the insurance company directly, you pay the deductible portion.   Our team of installers will go to your location to perform the replacement services, providing convenience.  Call for more details 1-800-808-9762.

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Foggy Glass Repair

Nomad Glass now offers foggy side window repair service in Boise, Ketchum, Nampa, Meridian, Caldwell, Olympia and Tacoma.  For more information please call Nomad Glass at 1-800-808-9762.

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IMG_20150203_155344Having the windshield replaced on your RV or Motorhome while traveling through Twin Falls Idaho is easier than ever.  Simply call the friendly staff at Nomad Glass at 1-800-808-9762.  Our staff can help set up the insurance claim so we can bill them directly, you pay the deductible portion.  Our mobile technicians will travel to your location to perform the windshield replacement.

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Pitted Windshield

Motorhome windshield replacement, quartzsite az

Over the past twenty years, we have performed thousands of windshield repairs on motorhomes, RVs, cars and trucks.  If the damaged area is the size of a dollar bill or smaller, I can make that damaged area look much better while reducing the chance that it will expand into a larger crack.  It’s better to have the damaged area repaired immediately for best results.

Sometimes, I’ll go to a client do do a repair and learn that the damage is actually too small to repair.  In fact, some of the smaller chips (called pits) are not at risk of growing into a crack.  These pits, are just tiny bits of glass that have chipped off the windshield.   Even though they are tiny and pose no risk of spreading, you should still be concerned.

Over time, a windshield will accumulate hundreds of tiny pits.  When this happens, the windshield begins to appear fuzzy when looking out.  This fuzziness can be a real safety concern, especially to larger windshields found on motorhomes.   There are two situations when the pitted windshield Is a safety concern.

The first is when you are driving in a rain storm.  The pits fill with water which creates a water drop shape that is different from the shape on a non pitted part of the windshield.  These two different shaped water droplets make for a distorted view when looking through the glass, making judgement of distance a significant problem.

The second problem with a pitted windshield is driving while the sun is setting in the drivers viewpoint.  The sun refracts differently off the pits than the rest of the glass, creating a visual distortion.  Wearing polarized sunglasses improves the view, but it still is a safety hazard.

We recommend the windshield be replaced if it has extreme pitting.

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IMG_20150203_155344If you are traveling through Portland Oregon with a broken windshield, you may get pulled over by the Highway Patrol and get a faulty equipment ticket.  Don’t take any chances; call Nomad Glass for your Portland Motorhome Windshield Replacement needs.

Since 1996, Nomad Glass has been providing Portland Motorhome Windshield Replacement services throughout  Northwest Oregon.  They have a mobile crew that goes to your RV Park, Home, Work, Storage Unit or wherever you need them.  If you have insurance, they can bill your insurance company directly, you pay your deductible portion. Call Nomad Glass at 1-800-808-9762 for immediate assistance.

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Poor Road Condition

headbutt-bLast year we replaced a windshield on a 2004 Monoco Signature motorhome at High Valley RV Park in Boise Idaho.  We noticed that the crack was on the inside, which is unusual, so we asked our customer how it happened.  They informed us that while driving on the freeway one of the kitchen cabinet doors popped open.  Leslie, who was seated in the passenger seat unbuckled, then got out of her seat to go close the cabinet door.  Upon returning to her seat, a truck in front of them lost a mattress which flew towards the front of the moving motorhome.  Charlie, the driver, slammed on his breaks.  Leslie (not yet seated) flew through the air and hit the windshield with her head, cracking the glass.  Luckily, Leslie wasn’t hurt, but she sure was startled.  Thank you Charlie and Leslie for Choosing Intermountain Auto Glass to replace your motorhome windshield.

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