Parker Valentine

Over the past twenty years, we have performed thousands of windshield repairs on motorhomes, RVs, cars and trucks.  If the damaged area is the size of a dollar bill or smaller, I can make that damaged area look much better while reducing the chance that it will expand into a larger crack.  It’s better to have the damaged area repaired immediately for best results.

Sometimes, I’ll go to a client do do a repair and learn that the damage is actually too small to repair.  In fact, some of the smaller chips (called pits) are not at risk of growing into a crack.  These pits, are just tiny bits of glass that have chipped off the windshield.   Even though they are tiny and pose no risk of spreading, you should still be concerned.

Over time, a windshield will accumulate hundreds of tiny pits.  When this happens, the windshield begins to appear fuzzy when looking out.  This fuzziness can be a real safety concern, especially to larger windshields found on motorhomes.   There are two situations when the pitted windshield Is a safety concern.

The first is when you are driving in a rain storm.  The pits fill with water which creates a water drop shape that is different from the shape on a non pitted part of the windshield.  These two different shaped water droplets make for a distorted view when looking through the glass, making judgement of distance a significant problem.

The second problem with a pitted windshield is driving while the sun is setting in the drivers viewpoint.  The sun refracts differently off the pits than the rest of the glass, creating a visual distortion.  Wearing polarized sunglasses improves the view, but it still is a safety hazard.

We recommend the windshield be replaced if it has extreme pitting.

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