Poor Road Condition

headbutt-bLast year we replaced a windshield on a 2004 Monoco Signature motorhome at High Valley RV Park in Boise Idaho.  We noticed that the crack was on the inside, which is unusual, so we asked our customer how it happened.  They informed us that while driving on the freeway one of the kitchen cabinet doors popped open.  Leslie, who was seated in the passenger seat unbuckled, then got out of her seat to go close the cabinet door.  Upon returning to her seat, a truck in front of them lost a mattress which flew towards the front of the moving motorhome.  Charlie, the driver, slammed on his breaks.  Leslie (not yet seated) flew through the air and hit the windshield with her head, cracking the glass.  Luckily, Leslie wasn’t hurt, but she sure was startled.  Thank you Charlie and Leslie for Choosing Intermountain Auto Glass to replace your motorhome windshield.

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