IMG_20140902_113356302Fall is here and you’re planning the next destination to take your Motorhome.  You will be driving one thousand miles, so you have to get your coach ready for the trip.  You start by washing and waxing your portable home.  Then you attempt to clean the windshield and find that you would rather replace your motorhome windshield than spend an hour trying to clean the bugs off the glass.  It suddenly occurs to you that you’ll have to clean it again once you arrive at your destination.  You might actually have to clean it several times before you get there.  Bugs are assured, but you can simplify the windshield cleaning endeavor.  Here are a few tricks for cleaning a motorhome windshield.

While the windshield is clean, apply a coat of Rain-X or any other brand of windshield rain repellant.  These products can be purchased at an auto parts or hardware store.  If you have some liquid car wax collecting dust in your storage bind, that will work as well.  Just follow the application instructions and repeat a second time to ensure that you have a good protective film on the glass.  This treatment will repel rain water off the windshield helping the use of your wipers.  The water beads up and blows off, helping the wiper clear the glass.  The application also acts as a semi lubricant between bugs attached to the glass and the glass itself.  When you attempt to wash the bugs off the glass, they will come off much easier because of the windshield treatment.

If some of the bugs are fond of their new home on your windshield and won’t come off very easily, try using a razor blade and foam style glass cleaner spray.  First spray the foam glass cleaner on the windshield and let it soak for a few seconds.  Then take a razor and position it at a 20 degree angle and start scraping the bug off the glass.  Because of the lubricating effect of the glass cleaner and the rain repel treatment, the bug will come right off.  It’s best to use this technique in the cool morning hours.  If it’s too hot, the glass cleaner will evaporate too quickly.  You can also burn yourself touching the windshield if it’s too hot outside. Be very careful not to scratch the glass and wear gloves when holding the razor so you don’t cut yourself.  BE CAREFUL!!!!

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