Wave_DIFFUSERThere are many aftermarket windshield manufacturers.  Some of them are located in Canada, Mexico, USA, Turkey, China and more.  All have to meet safety requirements established by the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) These requirements generally don’t include the appearance of the glass, including the consistency of the thickness.  Inconsistent thickness can lead to distortions in the glass that make it appear wavy.  A wavy windshield can make the driver feel dizzy or uncomfortable when looking through the glass.  Generally, the waviness is seen when looking towards the side.  If you have your windshield replaced and it appears to be wavy, tell the glass shop you want a new one that is not wavy.  At Nomad Glass, we inspect all new windshields before they are installed to ensure you get a non-wavy windshield.  If you need a windshield replacement, call Nomad Glass at 1-800-808-9762.

About Nomad Glass

Sales & Marketing Manager for Nomad Glass.
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