Federal law requires that all the glass in your vehicle meet strict safety guidelines.  Modern vehicles have two types of safety glass, tempered and laminated.

shattered-glass-1Laminated glass is two or more layers of glass with a thin layer of plastic in-between each glass layer.  Laminated glass is always used for the windshield and sometimes on the side door windows.  This safety method is ideal for windshields because the laminated layer stops most objects from coming through.  When struck the windshield will get many cracks, but it should stay together as one piece so it doesn’t fall inside the vehicle, keeping the occupants safe.

Tempered glass is superheated then cooled so it breaks into tiny dull pieces when struck.  Tempered glass is found on the side windows, back glass and sunroof.   Tempered glass is ideal for side, back and sun roofs because it is breakable to allow occupants out of the vehicle if necessary after a crash.

For more information about tempered or laminated glass, call Nomad Glass at 1-800-808-9762.NomadGlass_logo_final

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