submarineIf you own a PURV (Personal Underwater Recreational Vehicle…aka Submarine) you may want to continue reading.  We got a call from a Gentleman named “Tom”, we think that was not his real name.  Tom asked if we would go to Lake Pend Oreille in Sandpoint Idaho to replace the windshield on a submarine. He seemed a bit sketchy with his insistence of confidentiality.  We agreed to perform the replacement and took a crew to the job site. NautilusByWikiFred

We were shocked when we saw the damage to the submarine windshield.  Apparently, the submarine was traveling at about twenty knots when it struck a three foot long cat fish.  The windshield was smashed with cracks spread all the way across.

We decided to perform the replacement underwater because if the submarine was surfaced while the broken windshield was removed, rain may fall inside the PURV and get the dash all wet.  We completed the replacement but couldn’t leak test the results until the glue (urethane) had cured.  After two days, we surfaced the PURV then pressure hosed around the windshield to make sure there were no leaks.  The submarine passed all leak tests, so we packed up and went home.

If you are enjoying your summer in your PURV and strike a large fish and damage your windshield, call Nomad Glass for your windshield replacement:  1-800-808-9762.


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