You finally have your motorhome packed and ready for a summer of relaxation and sight seeing.  But you haven’t decided where to go.  I suggest you go to Seattle Washington

Seattle_picSeattle has many things to do and see.  Start the morning with a stroll through Pikes Place Market and visit the original Starbucks Coffee house for your morning brew.  Continue through the market and you will find lots of crafts, flowers, food and flying fish.  Flying Fish? Yes, the fish venders seem to enjoy tossing salmon at each other.

Continue your day by walking to Pioneer Square, then along the waterfront.  Be sure to enjoy the amazing sea food opportunities along the boardwalk.

It’s better to find a RV Park outside of the city and drive your tow car into the city.  If you don’t have a tow car, find an RV Park along the light rail system that follows the I-5 corridor.  If you are in the Seattle area and the windshield in your motorhome needs replaced, call Nomad Glass at 1-800-808-9762.  Nomad Glass provide mobile Seattle Motorhome Windshield Replacement Services.

About Nomad Glass

Sales & Marketing Manager for Nomad Glass.
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