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oie_MaFTJH7scMWPRecently I was at Ambassador RV Park in Caldwell Idaho enjoying the fine weather and friendly folks who were also staying there.  One of the RVer’s waved me over to his site, so I complied.  He introduced himself to me as John and asked  if I repair windshields on motorhomes, which I replied yes.  He told me that ever since he purchased his brand new 2004 (not telling you what make and model), that his one piece windshield keeps popping out of the rubber gasket.  I asked what kind of terrain he normally encountered when travelling about the country.  He replied, I will go anywhere possible as long as I don’t  get stuck (i.e. mud, snow, ruts, etc).  To clarify, I asked if he often takes the coach off the main road into dirt and gravel,  looking for Paradise.  He answered he often takes the coach off road.  At that point I knew exactly his problem.

Structurally, motorhomes are similar to a shoe box.  If you put pressure on one side, it slightly rolls over to the other side.  To combat the roll problem, the windshield is designed to be part of the motorhomes structural integrity.  In the draft room and on paper, having the windshield as the core of the structural integrity appears to be legitimate under ideal conditions, which means on a paved road.  Unfortunately, many RVer’s take their coach to places not intended, including gravel and dirt roads.  When taken off road, the motorhome goes over bumps that cause sway not conducive to the structural integrity, thus causing the windshield to either pop out of the gasket or stress crack.

I looked at John and asked him if he understood the design and the proper use of a motorhome and he said that as long as it gets him to his destination he will leave design issues to the engineers.  I politely explained to him the design of the coach and advised him to tread lightly to avoid pop outs or stress cracks.

The cost of repairing a pop out or glass breakage can be expensive, so learn from my friend John’s experience and keep you coach on the pavement to avoid unnecessary glass repair expenses.

If your ever in Caldwell Idaho and require a  RV Motorhome Windshield Replacement, call Nomad Glass at 208-376-4455.  Services in the area include: Boise Motorhome Windshield Replacement, Boise RV Glass, Nampa Motorhome Windshield Replacement, Nampa RV Glass, Caldwell Motorhome Windshield Replacement, Caldwell RV Glass, Meridian Motorhome Windshield Replacement, Meridian RV Glass, Eagle Motorhome Windshield Replacement, Eagle RV Glass. NomadGlass_logo_final

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