rv stress crackOne of my favorite Boise Idaho RV Parks is the Mountain View RV Park located off Broadway and Interstate-84.  The easy access to the freeway and the spectacular views of the Boise Mountains make it the perfect little RV Park.  I spend a lot of time there diagnosing problem Motorhome Windshields because many of the Mountain View RV Park guests just traveled through the Mountain Home to Boise section of I-84 which is in poor condition.  That section of the freeway is loaded with chuck holes and ruts.  cracked-windshield-repair_full

One client (Mike) experienced the passenger side windshield stressing and it partially fell inside when he hit a chuck hole five miles east of Boise on I-84.  His wife was sitting on the passenger side and had shards of glass land on her face.  Luckily she was wearing sun glasses which protected her eyes.  They immediately pulled to the side of the road to decide what they should do.  After searching on Google for an RV Glass repair shop, they found my number and called.  I advised them to drive to the Mountain View RV Park to stay until their window could be repaired.  Mike agreed so I met him there the next day to replace the windshield and clean up the glass mess.

marty installHe was very happy to get his motorhome back to a safe operating condition and would soon leave the RV Park and continue his journey.  But first he wanted me to explain what can cause a stress crack when parked.  He told me about his experience having two different occasions of the windshield cracking for no apparent reason while the coach was parked.  After quizzing him for awhile, I determined that his problem was improper use of leveling jacks.  He told me he had never read the operating manual and just figured out how to use the jacks by trial and error.  Unfortunately for him, the improper use of his jacks was causing the coach body to twist and put additional weight on one side of the coach causing the windshield to crack.  He agreed that he would read the operating manual and learn the proper use. NomadGlass_logo_final

Preventing Motorhome Windshield stress cracks requires proper leveling techniques and road hazard avoidance.  Be sure to read the operating manual and watch for chuck holes to save from paying for an expensive Motorhome Windshield Replacement.  If you are traveling through Boise and need your windshield repaired or replaced, call Nomad Glass at 1-800-808-9762.  Their crew has many years experience with RV Glass and they will go to your location for the repairs.  Service: Boise RV Glass, Boise RV Windshield Replacement, Boise Motorhome Windshield Replacement, Windshield Stress Crack Prevention, Mountain View RV Park, Boise, Mountain Home, Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian.


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