Can I Convert My Motorhome To a One Piece Windshield?

Last weekend I parked my 2000 National Sea Breeze at a really nice RV park in McCall Idaho.  My family and I were there for the weekend of fun and relaxation.  While there, I met a nice man from Boise and we began talking about newer motorhomes.  He knew that I was in the motorhome windshield replacement business in Boise Idaho, so he asked me if I could convert his two piece motorhome windshield style to a one piece like the newer models.

Over the years, many RVer’s have asked me the same question.  There are a few reasons why we cannot convert.

First, the manufacturer of the motorhome has engineered the coach to have structural integrity that is specifically related to the type of windshield system  given.  By changing the system, the structural integrity can be compromised, causing safety issues.

Secondly,  when the manufacturer designs a coach, they don’t offer two versions.  Its available either in one with two windshield or one windshield.   Therefore,  replacement windshields for the conversion are generally not available.

If you prefer to have a coach with a one windshield system, I recommend  trading up to a newer model, because coverting the windshield system is not an option.  But, if you ever need a motorhome windshield repair or motorhome windshield replacement in Boise Idaho, please call your friends at Nomad Glass at 1-800-808-9762.

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